Conceptual Map of my Research Interests

Social Network Analysis provides many tools for clarifying the relational structure between all sorts of units of analysis. This is a visual representation of the connections I personally identify between the multiple subject areas and research traditions that I currently study or use. Using a principal components layout positions those topics and methodologies that are most integrated in my research at the beginning of 2011 closer to my name on the left. 

A simple algorithm for visualizing subgroup structure available in UCINET (Borgatti, Everett, and Freeman 2002) was used to identify 9 factions, or groups of closely related research interests, which I've labeled for interpretability. They are:
  • Economic Sociology and Exchange (Dark Green)
  • Sociology and Social Demography (Pink)
  • Coupled Human and Natural Systems (Grey)
  • Social Network Analysis (Black)
  • Agent-Based and Computational Demography (Turquoise)
  • Social Theory and Science Communication (Light Green)
  • Cross-Disciplinary Methodology (Red)
  • Econometrics and Modeling (Dark Blue)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (Yellow)

I have many improvements to this basic approach planned for the future, so come back again to learn more about what I'm currently thinking about, and how I think about it.


Borgatti, S.P., Everett, M.G. and Freeman, L.C. 2002. Ucinet for Windows: Software for Social Network Analysis. Harvard, MA: Analytic Technologies.