Conference Presentations and Participation

2013 UCI Social Science Expert Speaker Series
Presentation, “(The Old) Mobile Money.” In Session Competition is Coming to Your Wallet: How New Technologies are Changing Money. University of California, Irvine, April 26. 2012

2012 Planet Under Pressure: New Knowledge Toward Solutions
Poster, “Rebuilding Babel: Finding Common Development Solutions Using Cross-Contextual Comparisons of Multidimensional Poverty.” London, UK, March 26-29

2011 Association of American Geographers 2011 Annual Meeting
Discussant, “Mobilities, Population, and Climate Change”
Seattle, Washington, April 12-16

2010 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Social Theory Roundtable, “Social Networks and Monetized Labor”
Atlanta, Georgia, August 14-17

2008 Population Association of America Annual Meeting
Paper presentation, “Growing Rice and Growing Rich: Agricultural Participation and Labor Monetization in a Transitional Economy”
New Orleans, Louisiana, April 17-19

2007 National Science Foundation IGERT PI Meeting
Poster, “Migration, Remittances, and Monetization of Farm Labor in Subsistence Sending Areas”
Arlington, VA, May 2007

2006 Asian MetaCentre International Conference on Population and Sustainable Development
Paper presented, “Household-Level Relationships between Out-Migration and Monetization of Rice-Harvest Labor in Nang Rong District, Thailand”
Phuket, Thailand, March 22-24